Vesuvio Lacryma Christi D.O.C.

"A land between myth and history"

It is said that a piece of Paradise fell into the Gulf of Naples when Lucifer was expelled. Christ, saddened by the loss of the one who had been the best angel, wept. Where his tears fell, vines were born, whose wine was called Lacryma Christi.

Organic Excellence in Every Bottle

At Cantina del Vesuvio, we pride ourselves on our commitment to organic viticulture, a tradition we've upheld since 1996. Our exclusive wines are crafted from indigenous Piedirosso and Caprettone grapes, nurtured in our 16-hectare vineyard on the fertile slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Our product range extends beyond exquisite wines, including limited-edition extra-virgin olive oil, Vesuvius apricot liqueur, and barrel-aged Grappa di Vinacce, all embodying the purity and essence of our unique terroir​​​​.

A Legacy of Passion and Tradition

Experience the rich history of wine at Cantina del Vesuvio, a family-run vineyard where three generations of the Russo family have cultivated a deep connection to the land since 1930. Our journey from humble beginnings of transporting wine in horse-drawn wagons to Naples, to hosting visitors for tastings and cooking classes today, reflects our dedication to maintaining authenticity while embracing modernity. Discover our family's commitment to preserving the heritage and tradition of this historic Vesuvian terroir​​​​.

Exceptional Customer Service and Accessibility

We at Cantina del Vesuvio are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers, from vineyard to glass. Our shipping process is designed with utmost care, using environmentally friendly packaging to ensure your selections arrive in perfect condition. We offer a variety of payment options and the convenience of tracking your order.

Our Products Sold Exclusively by Us

Purchase our products exclusively through our website, without middlemen!
Or you can come directly to the winery to buy our wine!

Location: Via Panoramica 15 80040 Trecase (NAPOLI) Italy.

Shop opening hours: 9am to 6pm, everyday.

  • Delicious, scenic, and a treat!

    Susan S (Los Angeles, California)

    It was delicious! Service was perfect, and the view was stunning. We ordered a mixed case of wine, olive oil and vinegar to be shipped home. I look forward to remembering a special experience when the case arrives!

  • Always Great!

    Skrtime (Dortmund, Germany)

    Always well done! Go and sit near the fire and enjoy the food and impeccable service. Lastly, take a tour of the vineyard and take a photo with Vesuvius in the background. We received their wines at home, we will go back again and again!

  • Extraordinarily Awesome Experience!

    Marie J (Lyon, France)

    Family owned, personal and exquisite experience! The tour, wines and food are top notch! Great cooking workshop! Staff is professional and treat you like family. I've visited more than 10 times! I only drink Vesuvio wines at home!

  • Lovely!

    Teafordwill (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

    Beautiful setting, lovely staff, great food and fine wine! It was the perfect stop after Pompeii and before Mt Vesuvius! They offer free shipping!

  • Exceptional Italian Wine!

    Jean B (Nantes, France)

    It captures the essence of Napoli! We have gone five times and I have recommended it dozens more! The wine is very good to excellent! We have shipped the wine home many times!

  • A wanderful place!

    Paul S (Manchester, UK)

    We took a tour of the winery and shared a meal in the cantina. Was one of the highlights of our trip! Ordering the outstanding wine online brings back so many good memories of our visit. Highly recommend a visit to this memorable location!